Brand&Business: The ‘Lead Optimizers’ Story

Lead Optimizers offers tremendous value to their clients through niche business lead generation. Since the science of generating quality business leads that actually convert is scarcely executed well – in this feature of #BrandAndBusiness we decided to zoom in on one company that has managed this consistently.

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to realise that a business needs new and recurring sales in order to thrive. This isn’t just true for certain businesses in certain industries. This is true for every business. Every. Single. Business. In order to take control of your new customer acquisition pipeline – your business needs sales leads.

We at SPIRAL love the fact that Lead Optimizers has been on the front lines of niche business leads generation for over a decade now – yet they remain curious and adaptive to new and improved technologies and methodologies. They are also super collaborative!

There are quite a few companies out there selling leads or lead generation services – however most of the time this comes down to a contact list with information you could have gathered yourself with a good old Google search. Your sales team then has to cold-call or send e-mails (and pray they don’t bounce back) until their fingers turn blue.

Well… None of that with Lead Optimizers! They have a robust process geared for sustainable, targeted lead generation:

Lead Quality & Packages

One of the most important aspects related to our service is the quality of our leads. Since we focus on generating the best possible leads related to your product or service, we only provide you with real leads and not non-specific leads. We do not spam to get any leads and we use the best advertising channels to generate leads for your company. We have found through our years of experience the best channels to provide targeted leads for companies.

Packages we currently offer to clients:

Package 1: Fixed monthly fee for 10 leads max per month.
Package 2: Fixed monthly fee of 50 leads max per month.

Lead Generation Process

We will develop a new website and create all the graphics as well as content for the website, related to your product or service that you offer. All the costs involved for the above step will not cost the client anything and everything will be paid by Lead Optimizers. This website will remain the property of Lead Optimizers. Only an inquiry form will be shown on the website and not the company’s contact details, to enable efficient tracking of leads. We will also focus on PPC campaigns and other social media advertising options to generate targeted inquiries. All the costs involved for the advertising on the various platforms will be paid by Lead Optimizers and will not cost the client anything. The inquiries will then be setup to be sent to several of our email addresses as well as the email address specified by the client. We will keep a list of the inquiries and send it to the client as additional confirmation.

Meet The Founders

Charl De Jager
Founder and Co-Director at Lead Optimizers
Connect with Charl on LinkedIn
Jasper Basson
Co-Founder & Financial Director at Lead Optimizers
Connect with Jasper on LinkedIn

Find out more about Lead Optimizers by Visiting Their Website or Send Them An E-mail.

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