Brand&Business: The ‘DRYK Holdings’ Story

We’re back with another issue of #BrandAndBusiness and we haven’t even processed the overwhelming feedback from our previous edition. Alas, we couldn’t wait any longer to share this week’s issue with you – THAT’S how excited we are about this company!

In this issue of #BrandAndBusiness we look at the brand behind the rapidly expanding DRYK HOLDINGS. DRYK HOLDINGS is made up of a group of different operating units:

  • Dryk Consulting (Pty) Ltd: Issue of BEE certificates; Estate protection; Estate planning and executor of estates; Services to Companies & Closed corporations and Trusts; CIPC Annual returns; Company registration packages; Pastel sales & support.
  • Dryk Investments (Pty) Ltd:  Short term insurance, Life insurance and assurance, TripTrack electronic logbook dealer.

Now, that is the business of Dryk Holdings but here’s the brand…and what we like about it.

The brand is abundant. The brand is service delivery. The brand is client satisfaction. The brand is family. The brand is compassion. The brand is development of its people and small business clients.

It doesn’t take long before you realise that the DRYK Holdings brand is an extension of the character of its Founder and CEO, Jasper Basson.

Check out Jasper’s YouTube channel here where he shares insights and tips on business growth, secrets to abundance as well as some awe-inspiring interviews with living legends such as Evan Carmichael, Robin Banks and most recently Pepe Marais of Joe Public United.

Jasper Basson – Accounting – Tax – Habits

When you interact with his team you will find these qualities in all of them – from Cecilia who handles ‘Services to companies and Trusts’ to Talita who handles CIPC registrations through to Desley who is Jasper’s personal assistant and right hand man.

In our humble/not-so-humble opinion, Jasper and his team at Dryk Holdings puts on a masterclass on ‘Living Your Brand’.

One of the cool things that caught our attention is that DRYK Holdings has collaborated with other businesses around South Africa to compile FREE Gift Pack to the value of R57,000 which includes a 3 Month Free Monthly accounting services from DRYK Financial Services. And before you think it’s some lightweight, low-touch, low-value offer to reel in leads, check out the video testimonial below and hear from small business owners who have taken advantage of the free gift :

Video testimonial from 3-month free monthly accounting service clients.


DRYK Holdings is built for the long haul and we suspect you will be reading a lot more about them in the years to come as this team takes their business to new heights by delivering tremendous value to stakeholders in the growing entrepreneurship landscape of South Africa.

Meet Founder and CEO

In addition to being Founder of Dryk Holdings (Pty) Ltd – Monthly Accounting and Tax consulting services. Jasper has also fills critical roles the following pursuits:

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